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Wow!  Thank you, thank you, thank you, I now have my dream job and enjoying every minute of it!

~ EA/Singer - Hostess - Caliifornia/Portugal ~

I will be calling soon for a reading . . . really it is because you have a way of speaking to me and helping me that is truly God sent.  I believe for me, you are a tangible connection to the goodness and greatness of this universe.

~ KK/RN - llinois ~

Rhonda, in the 3 plus years I have been coming to you for guidance, I would rate your accuracy at about 98%.  Most of the time you are exactly right with the images you present me and other times they're very close with just a slight variation in the interpretation.  Some . . . times they are a combination of several into one but I've been able to separate the differences onto their proper timeline.

But this last one just blows me away at how perfectly all is coming to pass just as you predicted.  My conclusion is that as you get to understand my souls energy better, the symbology the teachers use to communicate becomes clearer to you.

P.S.  You're invited to the wedding

~ BW/Engineer - Texas ~

Thank you for assisting me through some confusing issues in my life.  Your nature and caring is evident in your attention to my personal needs and desires.

~ CW/MD - Kansas ~

Once again, your words were truly a blessing to me  -

Your sweet and powerful spirit is like a gentle hand guiding my way!

~ RB/Administrator - Illinois ~

Thank you so much for my amazing consultation.  I have read over my notes on several occasions in the last few weeks and they make me smile every time.

~ NM/Realtor - Washington ~

Thank you for continuing to offer your gift as a help to me (& others) as we keep going toward knowing.

~ LH/Kansas ~

I can only say that Rhonda's gifts are among the best and most pure that I have ever experienced. She goes into my life path with a clarity and a depth of understanding that have been invaluable to me through some very difficult times. I have seldom met anyone who is so committed to her spiritual path. Rhonda truly "walks her talk."

She is a gift.

~ SFM/Utah ~

Rhonda is a treasured experience of love that not only enhanced my confidence in my own personal communication, but showed me clearly my life path.

Thank you, Rhonda, for the very blessing of you!

~ KL/Intuitive - Webdeveloper - Colorado ~
    PO Box 1967 Colleyville, TX 76034     817.929.4335
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